Using Integration Manager with Azure App Services / Logic Apps

This blog contains a list of our blog posts with our findings for bugs and feature requests about the new Azure API App Services / Logic Apps.


We are commited to bring the same user experience with all functionality, support and capabilites for your cloud enabled system integrations as we today offer for on-prem BizTalk Server enabled system integrations.

Integration Manager is a productivity tool that helps you save time and get in control. We alse provide insights for your organization to intimate details about all the data also including artifacts, messagetypes, SLA levels, servers… all information about your valuable resources, all in one tool.

  • Logging
  • Monitoring
  • Reports
  • Repository  / CMDB

Current status and findings

We have already successfully built logic apps that logs events and body data to Integration Manager. We also provide monitoring capabilites of Logic Apps from within Integration Manager. All resources part of a distributed system can be monitored (Windows Services, queues, databases, BizTalk resources, API endpoints…)

The following blog posts pinpoints individual findings we encountered while developing, testing, deploying functionality to enable monitor and logging functionality for use with Integration Manager.

# IM Type Description Blog Workaround / Solution / Comment Resolved?
0 Feature Request Re-configuration of API Apps Link See blog post false
1 Log Feature Request Problems using Workflow Definition Language in Logic Apps Link false
2 Monitor Bug Logic App Workflow API documentation is incomplete Link false
3 Log Feature Request BizTalk transformer API service still requires Visual Studio 2012 Link See blog post false
4 Monitor Bug Hybrid Connections – Could not load file or assembly Newtonsoft.Json Link See blog post false
5 Monitor Feature Request Changing the order of connectors in your Logic APP not possible in designer view Link See blog post false

Column IM shows to which IM capability this post is related to.

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