Integration Manager


Document your system integrations. The information is shared within the log and monitor views and also part of the email alerts. This means you have the right information at the right time.


Get insights to your precious data and find your business transactions with ease. Data can be logged from any integration platform and/or system.


No matter where the error occurs, we monitor all resources part of the system integration chain, end-to-end.


Create decision support reports and get insights to your precious data from the logged business transactions (messages). Use the monitoring data to create statistical reports and thereby knowing your quality of service.

Control Center

Execute allowed actions depending on your role using your phone or web browser without having to spend time on tedious VPN and remote desktop sessions.


Integration Manager honors many security aspects to make sure you stay secure. All operations performed are being audited to our tamper proofed log.


The specific roles having responsibility get timely user friendly alerts with the right information based on both the error itself combined with data from the repository model.


Give your customers self service access and let them do your job, thereby saving you valuable time and money.

Get in control of your integrations with Integration Manager

Integration Manager offers a way of working with system integrations like never before by addressing your need to save time and money.

When complex systems communicate with each other, Integration Manager logs and gives you full transparency and control of your information. Independent of platform, the tool provides full data logging, smart monitoring, a flexible reporting system and a graphical repository model to show you how your system integration connects and behaves.