Null Adapter for BizTalk

Null Adapter for BizTalk

Filter unwanted messages

This send port Null Adapter for BizTalk simply consumes messages sent to it making it possible to setup filters on “unwanted” messages.

Throw away unwanted messages: BizTalk Server does not have the built in capability to for example discard incoming orders with say status “InProgress”.

Keep the MessageBox clean

Keep the messagebox clean and empty: Messages sent to BizTalk without a subscription will be suspended in the message box database. A large message box database will result in poor performance and increase load on valuable system resources.

Supports Biztalk 2006 and later

Our NullAdapter for BizTalk is compiled with .NET 2.0 and supports all versions of BizTalk (2006 and later)

This adapter for BizTalk is free of charge
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Feature list
Support for both static and dynamic send ports
Infinite number of messages
No size limit
Simple, documented and supported. There are similar 3rd party adapters available but many of them are hard to install or requires manual extra steps.
Support for all versions of BizTalk (2006 or later, compiled with .NET 2.0)