LDAP Adapter

LDAP Adapter

This send port LDAP Adapter for BizTalk Server makes it very easy to create one-way and/or solicit response (Request/Reponse) operations against LDAP Directory Services like Windows Active Directory. The simplicity comes from the stand alone Windows Client utility that helps developers quickly test the operations supported by the adapter. Operations have distinct names and are logically grouped per entity (Users, Groups, OU etc). Working with LDAP is error prone and much effort has been put into providing superior exception feedback, which will result in faster incident management, easier development and in the end less money spent on building LDAP integrations and faster time to market.


Common Use Cases

Audit: Easily create audit reports by tracking changes in your LDAP directory

Master data management: Keep your systems in sync.

Licensing: Easily create inventory reports

IT Operations: Validate, verify or control the status of your AD, for example which server has the FSMO role.



Support for both static and dynamic send ports

Support for Enterprise Single Sign on – no need for messy password solutions

Simple, documented and supported working setup. There are similar 3rd party adapters available but many of them are hard to install or requires manual extra steps.

Supported Microsoft BizTalk Server versions are BizTalk Server 2010 and higher (all editions).