Automate output documents with BizTalk

With BizDoc you have an infrastructure to solve all of your document management needs. With its extended user-interface you can control and use it for efficient label printing, creation of invoices, payments, custom documents, delivery notifications, visitor badges and reports via mail, to name but a few. You also have the option of publishing and archiving data in repositories such as SharePoint, Wiki:s and EPiServer.

Use Microsoft BizTalk Server for centralized automated document generation & distribution

Microsoft BizTalk Server together with BizDoc can be used to create an automated document generation process instead of using several and extern-developed solutions.



bizdoc - word developer modeDevelop templates without external expertise

Office Word is used to create document templates and the knowledge BizDoc requires is basically standard Office Word knowledge with some exceptions. But these exceptions are well documented and described during a BizDoc education pass.



bizdoc - manualSave time time by not being dependent on external partner

Being dependent on external partners costs time and money. BizDoc is simple and well documented, no need to wait for the external partner to do the job – do it yourself instead and save the time and money.




bizdoc - officeBizTalkSharePoint

Use technologies/techniques of which license fees are paid already (With BizDoc as exception)

This applies to licenses already owned, such as Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office SharePoint and Integration Manager.




See BizDoc in action and how you can easily automate the process of creating documents even without developers.


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