Integration Manager now supports Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Saves your money and time

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Integration Manager monitoring agent for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has many features to help you detect and solve problem’s within your Dynamics CRM Online environments and may even help you save money!

Finally a monitoring solutions exists for helping your support and maintenance teams get alerts from your Dynamics CRM solutions. Our development team has together with customers and partners created yet another Monitor Agent for Integration Manager (support and maintenance tool for System Integrations cross platform).

The documentation for the Dynamics CRM agent can be found here



Connect to CRM instance

First you must have an available active Dynamics CRM subscription, see the prerequisites for additional details.

Any number of Dynamics CRM instances may be monitored.

Then enter the credentials per subscription

Remember to Click on the Save button when finished configuring the Monitoring agent

The Agent will once configured be listed as a Source within Integration Manager Web Client.

Here you can easily set how often to poll the Dynamics CRM service for changes.


In order to gain insights and take corrective actions the Monitor Agent supports the following remote actions:

  • Users currently logged on to CRM
    • With Action “View history” (note: the history is limited by Dynamics CRM settings)
  • License assignment with alerting option
  • Long running queries with alerting option
  • Running/Failed workflows with alerting option

Action examples

These Actions will save your time and effort since you can delegate control to specific individuals without them having access to any or all of thge administrative functions available directly within the Dynamics CRM service portal. All operations are of course audited into the tamper resilient log audit feature of Integration Manager.

$ Saves your Money €

The License inventory and monitoring capabilities may even save some money for your organization.

The Alerts thresholds can be changed according to your own preferences.

View user login history








View Workstep and Process Step history



In short, the Dynamics CRM Monitor agent for Integration Manager is yet another proof of the end to end monitoring capabilites that not only gives you alerts, it also helps you take corrective actions and maybe even save some of your precious time and money.

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