Integration Manager fully supports Microsoft Azure Logic Apps

Guru Venkataraman and Mark Mortimore from Microsoft held a presentation about the critical mission to use cloud capabilities on Microsoft Azure for building system integrations during the Microsoft Ignite event in Chicago. We have been chosen to be one of the partners for showing the audience the capabilities Microsoft offers its partners and customers in the new service – App Services. In one of their demos they decided to show how you can extend your Logic Apps with monitoring and logging capabilities by using one of our products – Integration Manager. See the whole recorded session by clicking here.

We are proud to announce that Integration Manager now fully supports logging all events/messages and monitoring Microsoft Azure Logic Apps.

These new capabilities enables you to simply log all messages as well as to monitor all Logic Apps in your Microsoft Azure subscription. Simply install our all new log and monitor agent for Microsoft Azure Logic Apps, let it connect to Microsoft Azure and fetch all messages and monitor all parts of your Logic Apps.


Integration Manager’s Log and Monitor Agent for Microsoft Azure Logic Apps will log not only that an operation has been executed, it will also log the input and output data of all actions being executed within the different Logic Apps. All events being logged contain a correlation id as a contextual value which easily can be used as a Search Field to group the different events, enabling you to see the whole chain of events and get it all in one place.


The new agent for logging and monitoring for Microsoft Azure Logic Apps automatically keeps track of all Logic Apps published in your Azure subscription. Not only are the statuses of your Logic Apps being monitored, even the different connectors are being monitored – giving you the insight and control you need in order for you to know that everything is in place and running according for your business to work.

Want to see a demo and want to learn more? Please contact us at and we will set up an online meeting and show you how easy you can get in control and retrieve the insight you need!

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