We are Sweden’s most innovative Integration surveillance software development company

Integration Software is a Swedish product and development company that focuses on developing and offering products in the IT integration area. The most known is Integration Manager. The company is originated from the consultant world, where we for a long period of time have seen great potential for the market to create efficiency and achieve cost benefits by utilizing smart products that enhance the efficiency in the integration area.

Integration Software has as their goal, to deliver the absolute best products to the market in the integration area, and to an investment that quickly and clearly will be counted back from several perspectives. Integration Software develops, owns, manages and sells its products. The company has signed agreements with several major players in the IT industry to implement the products.

  • Insurance & Banking
  • Production
  • Service
  • Healthcare
  • State & Municipality

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First company building support and maintanence tools for system integration.

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Ramping up the competition with market leading tools and partners

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Partner offering for managed services.

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Monitor all your dependencies end to end