LDAP Adapter för BizTalk – nu anropsbar från Logic Apps!

Marknadens mest kompletta och billigaste LDAP Adapter för BizTalk har vi nu ötökat funktionalitet med för att anropas som API. Lösningen bygger på ASP.NET Core 2.0 och möjliggör anrop via On Premises Data gateway för lösningar i molnet såsom Mule, Microsoft Azure Logic Apps mfl.

Läs mer om vår LDAP Adapter här eller kontakt oss för en demo/trial nyckel.

Customer Webinar by Landstinget i Värmland

Friday 24:th of March, 10 persons from 7 different Swedish counties joined a presentation primarily held by Landstinget i Värmland describing how they use Integration Manager to increase efficency and also how they offer new services to departments and functions outside the ICC. This Webinar was recorded, please contact us to acquire access to a copy.

Partner offering

Integration Software are delivering the first implementation of Integration Manager, branded by Enfo as BIP 2.0 to Nordic Choice Hotel. Nordic Choice Hotel have had Integration Manager implemented since fall last year, but have decided to go with Enfo as they have a long term relationship with Enfo and are also using other services from Enfo. Nordic Choice Hotel are implementing a cloud only strategy with Mulesoft Cloudhub/anypoint where our tool offers monitoring and logging/archiving capabilities.

Integration Manager now supports Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Saves your money and time

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Integration Manager monitoring agent for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has many features to help you detect and solve problem’s within your Dynamics CRM Online environments and may even help you save money!

Finally a monitoring solutions exists for helping your support and maintenance teams get alerts from your Dynamics CRM solutions. Our development team has together with customers and partners created yet another Monitor Agent for Integration Manager (support and maintenance tool for System Integrations cross platform).

The documentation for the Dynamics CRM agent can be found here



Connect to CRM instance

First you must have an available active Dynamics CRM subscription, see the prerequisites for additional details.

Any number of Dynamics CRM instances may be monitored.

Then enter the credentials per subscription

Remember to Click on the Save button when finished configuring the Monitoring agent

The Agent will once configured be listed as a Source within Integration Manager Web Client.

Here you can easily set how often to poll the Dynamics CRM service for changes.


In order to gain insights and take corrective actions the Monitor Agent supports the following remote actions:

  • Users currently logged on to CRM
    • With Action “View history” (note: the history is limited by Dynamics CRM settings)
  • License assignment with alerting option
  • Long running queries with alerting option
  • Running/Failed workflows with alerting option

Action examples

These Actions will save your time and effort since you can delegate control to specific individuals without them having access to any or all of thge administrative functions available directly within the Dynamics CRM service portal. All operations are of course audited into the tamper resilient log audit feature of Integration Manager.

$ Saves your Money €

The License inventory and monitoring capabilities may even save some money for your organization.

The Alerts thresholds can be changed according to your own preferences.

View user login history








View Workstep and Process Step history



In short, the Dynamics CRM Monitor agent for Integration Manager is yet another proof of the end to end monitoring capabilites that not only gives you alerts, it also helps you take corrective actions and maybe even save some of your precious time and money.

Long term commitment with Länsförsäkringar

Länsförsäkringar decided to implement Integration Manager just before Christmas. Länsförsäkringar bought the license with a 3 year commitment directly from Integration Software including Software Assurance.

Integration Landscape: Graphical views improves usability and information sharing

We are proud to present Integration Landscape, a new powerful feature that displays the Repository model as a graphical model.


This feature is available in the 4.3 release series.

This feature has been implemented using the open source library jsPlumb. Read more about jsPlumb here

New Partner using Integration Manager for managed services

Via a partnership with Bybrick, Statens Fastighetsverk decided to use Integration Manager for end to end monitoring and advanced logging capabilities and replaced a proprietary specific monitor tool for BizTalk.

With Integration Manager Statens Fastighetsverk was able to solve mission critical problems using some of the Monitor Agents like advanced log file parser and non events.

New Message Queuing Agent for Active MQ

Continuing our efforts to provide true End to End monitoring we have new released a new Message Queuing Agent for Integration Manager.

Read more here

Log tracked messages with ease from multiple BizTalk instances

 Integration Manager has now support for harvesting logged tracking data from multiple BizTalk instances from one instance of Integration Manager. Since all your production environments are covered within our simple fixed price licensing model there is no additional licenses costs associated with adding more BizTalk Servers. This is not the case with competing tools where you have a plethora of licensing options and costs.

This is especially useful when introducing new version of BizTalk Server, since you may have multiple production environments up and running in parallel using only a single instance of Integration Manager. Data is separated by the use of unique id’s, read more here.

General Release Notes: http://support.integrationsoftware.se/support/discussions/forums/1000227207


New Monitor Agent for Azure Web Jobs

Monitor Microsoft Azure Web Jobs with Integration Manager’s monitor agent for Microsoft Azure Web Jobs.

This agent has been developed from demands and input set from some Microsoft MVP:s. This agent is typically used by our cloud customers creating modern system integration solutions based on the Azure stack.

Web Jobs is a complete compute solution on a managed platform. The run-time offers many choices on how your code can run (cron, service, manually). Using Azure Websites as a platform means that WebJobs inherits tons of cool features. Azure Scheduler brings a plethora of scheduling choices. The ASP.NET team built the WebJobs SDK, which makes writing code that interfaces with the different Azure components (Blob, Queues, Tables, Service Bus) a snap! And the rich Visual Studio tooling wraps everything together seamlessly. Goes to show that sometimes the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts.


This agent allows you to monitor the performance and outcome from Web Jobs. Also, the ability exists to perform remote actions on Microsoft Azure Web Jobs hosted in your Azure subscription(s) without the need for the slow and many times annoying Azure portal.

  • General and specific settings for last run (The longest allowed timespan before issuing awarning for last run)
    • Warning
    • Error
  • General and specific settings for duration (The longest allowed run duration for Web Job in seconds)
    • Warning
    • Error
  • State – make sure the Web Jobs are started and stopped accidentally
  • Web Jobs from multiple subscriptions can be monitored from the same installed agent
  • Remote Actions are available on some resources which removes the need to log on to the Azure portal
    • Ability to delegate control to non Azure administrators
  • Multiple agents can be deployed on multiple servers
  • Agents can be local or in the cloud, and even off site (partner/customer location)
  • Low overhead with least privileges policy
  • Report capabilites

Documentation support is provided by the Repository model.

Monitor Capabilities

The Resources are grouped by Categories. The following Web Jobs Categories exists:

The agent provides capabilites for monitoring and remote management of:

  • Web Jobs State (running, stopped)
  • Recent job outcome (whether the last job has succeeded or not)


Get insights, view and fix your Web Jobs related problems with ease from a distance without the Azure portal..

Using the Web Client for Integration Manager, Actions can be sent to the monitor agent for Web Jobs requesting operations to be performed on the monitored resources. With the existing privilege model you can allow certain users to perform operation on selected resources.

List of Actions on the Resources of Web Jobs Categories that can be executed from using this agent:

  • Start / Stop web jobs
  • Run web jobs (on demand)
  • View output from last run
  • View History

Release Log

For information about the latest release, see Support