Azure App Services Series – Finding #7: Startpage widget for Logic Apps in preview portal not showing status

This blog post is one of many of a series we have about Microsoft Azure App Services. See a list of all our findings here.


The new Azure portal is great when it comes to flexibility and customization support for the user interface or at least when it comes to the start page. You can add shortcuts to virtual machines, websites, etc. to your dashboard, as well as billing information, etc.  And this makes it interesting from a monitoring point of view, since you can add a shortcut to your virtual machine and the dashboard will then provide you with a shortcut link, as well as shows information about the state. This means that if the virtual machine is stopped – the dashboard/home page will tell you as shown below in Screenshot 1.

Screenshot 1 - Virtual Machine widget showing status.

Screenshot 1 – Virtual Machine widget showing status.

The Problem

I wanted to add my Logic Apps to my dashboard to simply provide myself with useful shortcuts as well as I thought that the widget on the dashboard would then show me the state of the application itself – but no (see Screenshot 2 below). Unfortunately the new widgets provided for the logic apps do not show the state yet.

Screenshot 2 - Status of logic app not showing on home.

Screenshot 2 – Status of logic app not showing on home.

Integration Manager – a tool for centralizing logging and monitoring of data and systems in your system integration provides you that shows all logic apps, not only the one in your Azure directory- but all directories you configure it to log from and to monitor.

The Solution (in my/our opinion)

Show the state of the logic apps (running/stopped), as well as the state of all API apps used in the logic apps, since they are important as well for the integrations you’ve build to work.

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