Monitor Web Services and SQL Server with Integration Manager

We are proud to announce the release of two new monitor agents for Integration Manager giving you even more control and insights – Microsoft SQL Server and Web Services.

SQL Server Agent

Integration Manager’s agent for Microsoft SQL Server allows you to monitor:

  • SQL statements
  • SQL jobs
  • Backups
  • Size checks (data and log separately).

It is crucial to know when backups are not taken, jobs are not running and statements are not returning the expected result, due to the fact that this might cause business critical errors.

With this agent you can configure Integration Manager to monitor all imaginable SQL statements and their result.

Monitor SQL jobs on all configured SQL server instances.

Control that backups have been taken from all monitored databases. Displays the time and state of the last backup (if any).

Check the size of the files for data and log, supports warning and error threshold values.

  • Any number of SQL Instances can be monitored from a single agent
  • Multiple agents can be deployed

Web Services Agent

Many systems and integrations are depending on web services, monitoring them is important! With Integration Manager’s agent for web services you can easily monitor web API’s, SOAP services and even web sites.

You monitor them by simply providing all required HTTP headers, client certificates as well as the services’ address and let the agent do its job – connecting to the service, check if the response’s HTTP status is one of the expected ones and evaluate the result of the request by using a regular expression or an XPath.

Not only can you check if the HTTP status is one of the expected ones, and not only evaluate the result by using a regular expression or an XPath, you can even monitor the response time of the request.

  • Any http endpoint can be monitored
  • Any number of web endpoints can be monitored from a single agent
  • Multiple agents can be deployed

Technical Features

  • SOAP
  • Web Api
  • Web Applications
  • Body from file
  • All HTTP operations are supported
  • All HTTP Headers are supported
  • Validate Response body using RegEx or XPath
  • Validate HTTP response status code
  • Authentication support
    • Client Cert
    • Impersonation
    • Basic auth
    • Api Key

Sponsoring BizTalk Usergroup Sweden

Integration Software is now sponsoring BizTalk Usergroup Sweden.

The goal with BizTalk Usergroup Sweden is to increase the understanding and knowledge around Microsoft products and solutions from Connected Systems Division through community-driven contributions, mainly around BizTalk and related.
The information is distributed by mainly presentations and demos performed by volunteering participants and invited known Swedish and International speakers and experts.
The target group are individuals with technical background and interests, as well as from consulting organizations, interested in system integration on the Microsoft platform.