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Release of new LDAP Adapter for BizTalk

Integration Software is proud to announce yet another high quality adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server. A new LDAP/Active Directory Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server has been developed, derived from customer cases and has now finally been released for the market – LDAP Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server.

This send port adapter makes it very easy to create one-way and/or solicit response (Request/Response) operations against LDAP Directory Services like Windows Active Directory. The simplicity comes from the stand alone Windows Client utility that helps developers quickly test the operations supported by the adapter. Operations have distinct names and are logically grouped per entity (Users, Groups, OU etc). Working with LDAP is error prone and much effort has been put into providing superior exception feedback. This support will result in faster and easier development, less incident management, and in the end less money spent on building LDAP integrations with Microsoft BizTalk Server and a faster time to market. Since the adapter during run-time is being used by ports in BizTalk, one can take full advantage of the built in tracking functionality using Integration Manager which is another great product for maintaining application integration solutions.

The price for the LDAP adapter is very affordable due to the simple licensing model. This product is easy to properly license.

Supported Microsoft BizTalk Server versions are BizTalk Server 2010 and higher (all editions).


Feel free to contact to request a quote or a live demo of the adapter.